Descriptions and qualities :
Alumni & Advisory - Retaining all the past members of TEDxUniversityofPretoria to share experiences, resources, and knowledge (Only open to TEDxUniversityofPretoria alumni that are no longer involved in core society functions).
HRC (Human Resources & Compliance) - Focused on building and maintaining human capital of the society, and simultaneously focused on the regulations around the TED brand as well as partner relations.(research-focused, Flexible, Time management)
Content Creation - Create all events, marketing, and branding materials such as schedules, posters, videos, etc. (well versed in technology and editing software/applications, creative)
Marketing & Communications - Responsible for social media, marketing and branding, and all society communications. (innovative, great communicator, flexible)
Sponsorship - Responsible for stakeholder relations, both internal and external, and society funding (this should not be mistaken for fundraising). (Negotiating skills, great communicator)
Transformation - Responsible for the transformation agenda of the society, including and not limited to community engagement activities, awareness building, fundraising and community drives, dialogues, etc.
(Realistic Ideation, Team-orientation)
Logistic & Events - Responsible for logistics, planning, and execution of all social events. (organized, negotiating skills)
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