Community Engagement

Tuks Student Upliftment

For the 2019/2020 term, TEDx University of Pretoria in collaboration with LifeAtTuks ran an initiative called “Tukkies Rands for Tukkies Students”. The aim of this student drive was to assist the University of Pretoria students who prove to need assistance with textbooks, data and grocery costs especially during the extraordinary period of financial strain.

Sanitary towel drive

Sanitary hygiene is of outmost importance. TEDx University of Pretoria is contributing to the awareness on menstrual hygiene as we celebrate women’s month and as we celebrate women beyond that. No women should have to struggle to attend to a basic need because of the lack of sanitary towels. With all the support towards the drive, we were able to donate sanitary towels to a high school in Mamelodi. We strongly believe that together we can accelerate the availability as well as simplify the process of accessing sanitary towels. Together we can build a society that will, in many ways , ease the burden females have to go through every month.
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